General Pest Control

General Pest Control

Don't try catching this guy yourself!

Missouri has an abundance of wildlife and most of the time we consider that a good thing. Even in our urban areas we share our space with raccoons, skunks, coyotes, foxes, oppossum and many other wild species. We have stinging insects, mosquitos, ticks and fleas lurking in every untreated grassy area.  When these problem critters invade your home and yard it requires the services of a professional to remove them, and in most cases we can provide same day pest control service.

Raccoons have earned the nickname ‘Trash Panda’. Once a raccoon has gotten a meal from your garbage bin it can be nearly impossible to get rid of it. Skunks can and will take up residence in your yard or the immediate environs, and when they do you’ll know it. It is NOT recommended for an untrained person to try to capture and rehome a skunk. It’s dangerous and in some cases illegal to kill or injure these animals. All manner of wildlife may attempt to take advantage of the protection that the structures on your property provides, and in the winter months they’re likely to seek out a nice warm spot to wait out the cold months. Basements, attics, heated garages are all very tempting nesting spots for all manner of wild animals and any number of species of spiders and other potentially harmful pests.

Setgo can humanely and safely trap and relocate these animals to a more appropriate location. We can keep your home clear of dangerous pests such as the Brown Recluse or Black Widow spider and ensure that you can enjoy your home and property by providing safe and effective year-round control for a wide variety of noxious pests.

In addition to large animal removal, we also offer yard sprays to knock down ticks and fleas, and we have an optional mosquito control service. Our technicians will service your location every 21 days during the entire mosquito season, roughly April to October. Enjoy an itch and bite free BBQ this summer!


Why Choose Setgo?

We attack problem pests from every angle.

  • We treat the interior during our initial visit, and whenever needed after the initial treatment. GUARANTEED.
  • We treat the exterior of the structure and put a lasting barrier in place to keep pests out of your home.
  • We practice Integrated Pest Management. We don’t just kill pests, we will diagnose your situation and use physical exclusion, the correct and timely placement of chemical barriers and recommendation of best practices to prevent issues from returning in the future.
  • We have the knowledge, the tools and the training to identify and solve small problems before they turn into bigger, more expensive problems.

Setgo Pest Control provides a 100% guarantee to our customers under contract against home invasions by a wide variety of pests. We will return to your premises at no charge at any time between our regular scheduled service for our customers.

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