Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

commercial pest control
Why does my business need pest control?

 Commercial pest control service is a crucial element in a successful business. Whether you operate a restaurant, hospital, or warehouse safety and cleanliness must be a top priority.  Pest control is the cornerstone of your required HACCP plan in Missouri for restaurant owners. In a healthcare facility the stakes are even higher, with more than your reputation on the line. The health of your patients may be at risk.

Pests are a health risk in a restaurant or food processing environment due to possible food contamination, spoilage and structural damage and they are carriers of several foodborne illnesses that can sicken your customers. A customer who spots a rodent or a cockroach is sure to leave a negative review, and a health inspector who spots signs of infestation is sure to downgrade your establishment for violation of public health codes. Once the word is out, your establishment may never regain it’s reputation.

Healthcare facilities have good reason to be diligent in their pest control program. Cockroaches can spread bacteria to sterile environments and aggravate the symptoms of patients with asthma. Pharaoh ants are notorious for contaminating IV drips and open wounds. Rodents can chew holes in pipes and walls or chew through wiring, putting expensive machinery at risk and opening pathways for infestations from a variety of pests. Bedbugs are always a danger and spread very quickly. 

Why Choose Setgo?

Our technicians are trained in a variety of methods to achieve your pest control goals and can employ the correct mix of chemicals, physical exclusion and diagnostic expertise for your facility. We can be in and out quickly after business hours, and we’ll help you set up a system that meets federal health and safety regulations and is effective and simple to maintain.

Regular maintenance and monitoring is the key to maintaining a pest free environment. Setgo offers a variety of plans that provide this monitoring and maintenance so that we can identify and prevent any problems before they start. If your business depends on maintaining a clean and pest free environment, you cannot afford to skip on regular pest control services.