Residential Pest Control

We are truly blessed to live in Missouri. We have abundant wildlife, beautiful natural scenery and plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor recreation. We do, however, have to share this space with an amazing (and annoying) assortment of bugs. Wasps, ants, beetles, flies, fleas, termites etc all have their place in the natural order of things, but that place is not in our home. Crosshair uses a process known as Integrated Pest Management to help you restore and maintain a clean, sanitary, and safe living environment and cause the least disruption to people, pets and the beneficial organisms found in every home and yard. It’s not enough to establish chemical control of an existing pest population, you need to ensure that you maintain an environment that discourages further pest infestations. We will seek out pest harborage and the food sources inside and outside that are the root cause of the infestation and advise you of best practices to avoid any pest problems in the future.


Outdoor fun!

Enjoy mosquito-free BBQ's and a yard free of ticks and fleas.

Pest Free Home!

We'll help provide a clean and hygienic home for your family.

What you can do

Pests thrive in damp, nutrient-rich environments. Wipe down counters and clean behind appliances on a regular basis when possible.

That fruit bowl on the counter can attract the wrong kind of guest if it sits out a little too long. Promptly dispose of any overripe produce.

The lid of a trash can is no barrier to many different types of insects. Empty your garbage regularly and keep even tightly bagged garbage well away from your house.

We can help you identify problem areas and inform you of best practices to help prevent any further infestation of your property.